Macaron Flavors

Rose Petal

A crunchy attack, then creamy, with the sweet and soft smell of the rose. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya

Orange Blossom

The delicate perfume of the orange blossom, in a sweet flavor macaron. Unctuous!

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya


Salted Caramel

A gourmand macaron. A smooth salted caramel. Its sweet flavour and distinguished perfume make of this macaron the world’s bestseller.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds)



A classic, with the sweet taste of the raspberry jam. Its texture is soft and its perfume is light and fruity. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds)



The Eastern delicacy of the pistachio, in a sweet macaron. Its texture is creamy.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almond, pistachio)


Strawberry Candy Marshmallow

Two shells of almond macaron garnished with marshmallow scented with strawberry candy.

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds), fish gelatin 



A macaron garnished with a cream made with an infusion of 100% Arabica coffee. The natural coffee flavour, grilled and aromatic notes.

ALLERGENS: Soya, egg, milk, nut (almond)



The delicate and exotic perfume of the vanilla of Madagascar, for a macaron in a sweet flavour. Its texture is creamy.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya

Cassis Violette Solo BD -1.png

Blackcurrant Violet

Two delicate macaron shells garnished with a blackcurrant jam perfumed with violet naturel essence. 

Franc fruit notes, light acidity and delicate floral notes. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds)


Two macaron shells and a creamy filling made with whole crushed lemon (zest, zist, flesh, juice). A natural and clear taste of lemon, sourness and a touch of bitterness.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya


Marie Antoinette

Two light blue macaron shells filled with a smooth cream infused with Marie-Antoinette tea. 

An original Ladurée creation; and reflection of our Marie-Antoinette tea : 

marriage of black tea from China and India, with hints of rose petals, citrus, and honey. 

ALLERGENS: Soya, egg, milk, nuts (almond)



A 70% cacao, sweetened by the crémeux of the ganache and the almond powder, which preserves its intense flavor.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soja


Seasonal Macaron Flavors



Two shells of almond macaron garnished with a creamy chestnut filling.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds)



Two shells of macarons garnished with a greedy sea buckthorn jam slightly acidulated.

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds)


Raspberry Rice Pudding

For Christmas, Ladurée and Sverre Sætre highlight the flavors of Norway. Exclusive macarons made from ingredients used in northern countries. Two shells of macarons garnished with creamy rice pudding with a hint of raspberry.

ALLERGENS: Soya, egg, milk, nuts (almond)



Two shells of macarons sprinkled with bursts of waffles garnished with creamy Scandinavian Brunost.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya, GLUTEN (WHEAT, BARLEY) 


Red Fruits

Fresh and delicate taste of fruits, slight acidity. Two delicate shells, raspberry color, filled with an unctuous jam : raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, Morello cherries. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya